We compiled the most common queries with solutions that can help resolve your issues whilst using Mat Smart Shop.

Common Questions

Yes. There is a trial period that lasts for 14 days for every new user.
Mat Smart Shop is an inventory and bookkeeping app that helps you record all the financial affairs of your business; generate, send or print invoices, record expenses, keep tabs on stock level, view fiscal reports and much more.
No you cannot use your log-in credentials on a different phone or tablet. However, the browser version supports log-in from different users with different credentials.
Follow the step by step process in the app to renew your subscription.
Yes. Please see our payment plans.
Yes, this can be done using the Forgot Password feature.
Your access to the app and its functionalities are restricted.
Yes, but you'll have to contact us.
A receipt is generated immediately after saving a sales transaction that can be emailed or printed.
Follow the step by step process in the app to renew your subscription.
Our online portal and web app are protected with high level encryption against unauthorized access and cyberattacks and are routinely upgraded to conform to optimal standards in cybersecurity.
Your transaction can be viewed form the online version (Mat Smart Online) provided your data has been synchronised with our cloud servers.
Re-install the application and request for a data recovery of your last synced data.


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